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Every glove tells a story

Gloves – they've helped warm hands, fight battles and define a person’s social status for centuries. For this reason, the Dents museum is as much a window into society as a display of the world’s largest privately-owned collection of gloves.

Among our collection you’ll find the gloves of lords, admirals, monarchs and everyday people, from the world’s smallest gloves to a 1945 pair of Dents soft brown leather gloves worn for nearly 45 years without ever having to ‘put a stitch in them’. Tools of the glovemaking trade, from antique sewing machines to photographic memorabilia dating back to the 1890s, can also be enjoyed.   

A royal hand needs a royal glove

Dents gloves have long been favoured by high society, with Queen Elizabeth II famously wearing a Dents white leather glove embroidered with golden thread for her Coronation in 1953. However, Dents has been crafting the world’s best gloves since the reign of King George III, and holds a Royal Warrant in recognition of the quality, heritage and ‘Britishness’ of its luxury gloves.

Coronation Glove, Elizabeth II, 1953

Bespoke glove made by Dents for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953. The white leather glove was worn to protect the royal hand until the coronation ring was put on.  

Mourning Gloves, Queen Victoria c1861-1901

Black gloves worn by Queen Victoria following Prince Albert’s death in 1861. Made from fine wool jersey knit, the fabric gloves with prix seam detailing have a flared cuff for greater wrist movement. Mixture of hand and machine stitching.

Coronation Glove, Elizabeth I, 1559

One of a pair of gloves worn at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I at Westminster Abbey on 15 January 1559. Made from white alum tawed sueded leather with hand sewn prix seams. Silver threads, purl and sequins and silk satin inserts depict orb, flowers and leaves.

Gloves, Charles I c1625-1649

Cream/yellow leather gloves of Charles I, a man of refined tastes. The glove is attached to gauntlets consisting of eight rounded tabs covered with ivory silk satin and embroidered with flowers in coloured silks and gold metal thread. Whip-stitched by hand using fine silk thread.

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